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Selena Gomez: Stars Dance

selena gomezSelena Gomez
Stars Dance
(Hollywood Records)

Selena Gomez is back and better than ever with her Indian-induced beats, pop-electric first single, “Come & Get It,” from the album Stars Dance. It has all the right pauses, with hypnotizing singers that are in a meditative state. Gomez sings, “this love ain’t finished yet,” as if she’s putting a spell on her ex-lover to come back.

“Slow Down” is her second single on which she sings, “I just wanna feel your body right next to mine/All night long,” with explosive beats, simple lyrics, and addictive hooks. “Birthday” is a slow, seductive tune. It has a redundant lyric and electronic vibes for the ultimate start to a college rager.

“Save The Day” stays true to her upbeat pop star sound, with high pitched vocals, exotic beats, and a dancey vibe – the whole nine yards. (“Kiss the moon goodbye/But don’t close your eyes, your eyes.”) A reoccurring theme of love is found throughout the entire album, “love will remember you” and ties into astrology and electronic dance beats. It’s a great album for a DJ to play with an EDM vibe.

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