Timur and the Dime Museum @ Joe’s Pub, 7/27/13


Hailing from Los Angeles is Timur and the Dime Museum (TDM), a genre-bending project that blurs the line between indie rock and smoky cabaret. TDM is anchored by frontman Timur Bekbusunov, an opera singer with bombastic flair; he also lends these talents to gypsy rockers, Devotchka, in his off time, which is how I came across this band. I caught TDM for a midsummer night’s concert over at Joe’s Pub.

TDM’s theatrical influence makes them a highly interesting act to watch. Timur’s singing during some of the wilder moments is truly the vocal equivalent of a wild guitar solo. Also, each member of TDM is costumed in what could be described as a goth’s vision of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Bass, guitar, drums, and accordion & keys round out the live group. They ended the show with a cover of Nine Inch Nails’s classic, “Closer,” a more than fitting tune for the flavor of this group. Check out their last release, X-Ray Sunsets.

Mira Stroika opened the show, delivering charming, sultry songs with more than a tinge of ethnic flair. The subjects of romance and the trials of immigrant life were told in a performance that also matched acting wit with the musical. Mira plays in front of a full band and she herself is an accomplished accordionist. Currently, she has only a few bits of music available.
Timur and the Dime Museum
Timur and the Dime Museum
Timur and the Dime Museum
Timur and the Dime Museum
Photos by Noah Stern Weber © sternweberstudio.com. Used with Permission from Beth Morrison Projects.

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