Agave Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner


Agave Smoothing Shampoo and ConditioneAgave is a succulent, aloe-like plant with healing properties. Now entering the world of hair care in the form of shampoo, conditioner and healing oil. Move aside, keratin! Far more affordable and gentle, these Agave products withstood the test of new York city frizz-inducing humidity (above and on the subway platform!).

Agave shampoo and conditioner are additionally comprised of coconut, vanilla, sunflower and safflower ingredients which combined allow for a sweet scent. These products are additionally paraben-free, friendly to dyed tresses, and allow for easy detangling.

Much like its shampoo and conditioner counterparts, the Agave healing oil does the trick when it comes to fighting frizz, just be warned that a little goes a long way to avoid what would otherwise be a greasy turn of events.

You can find these and many more Agave products at Sephora.

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