Cher: Closer to the Truth

Closer to the Truth
(Warner Bros.)

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There’s a lot of effective club floor poppin’ on “Woman’s World,” the opening song on Cher’s 26th studio album, Closer to the Truth. As with many of the songs here, it probably overstays its welcome, but these eleven are mainly dance tunes. “Take It Like a Man” (with Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters) and the loud, singable “Dressed to Kill” feature that well-worn, auto-tune affectation that someone like Cher actually doesn’t need, but has come to rely on as her signature vocal sound now.

“My Love,” a pumping ballad, is the first real tune here as far as I’m concerned; low on the effects, it features a great Cher vocal. “Red” showcases more beats, but a really ballsy Cher vocal (and the beat is different…slightly) and the banjo, handclaps and pumping kick drum on the P!nk-penned “I Walk Alone,” with it’s great shouting chorus, is one of the better tunes here.

“Sirens” is an echoey, piano track with a tribal-sounding back beat, searing electric guitar and another out-of-the-park Cher vocal on this anthem for 9/11. There’s a wooden-sounding guitar and “schunky” snare to “Favorite Scars,” another great song, seeing Cher singing (thankfully) again without the effects. There are obligatory striking strings and piano on the ballad “I Hope You Find It.” Knowing of this lady’s many celebrated ex’s, Cher could be singing to any number of men here. But the lyrics, especially the chorus, is pretty effective even if a little too commercial.

P!nk and Cher duet on the P!nk-penned acoustic “Lie to Me” that ends Closer to the Truth.

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