Man Overboard: Heart Attack


man overboardMan Overboard
Heart Attack
(Rise Records)

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Hard-hitting drums, pouty charismatic vocal harmonies and breakneck rhythms on Man Overboard’s new album, Heart Attack, is pop punk power at its best. At times gleeful, other times moody, the lyrical pounce feels as honest as a locked diary. Songs of love, defeat, loneliness, self-empowerment and relevance inundate tracks full of that heady punk signature sound. Glints of sunshine easily filter through the more emotionally upbeat tracks in slashes of cascading guitars. Winding bass lines and scratchy guitars spell out the more depressive gems. The title track smartly trips over its own kiss-off message. “White Lies” questions the state of loneliness against the backdrop of what everybody else seems to have. Easily radio-friendly without lacking substance and sonic appeal, Man Overboard has created its own special niche of super catchy energetic pop punk that never fails to intrigue. Laying back on the dual vocals of Zac Eisenstein and Nik Bruzzese and the powerful moving-train feel of the rest of the band, Heart Attack, thrives in all the right places. The album peaked at number 13 on Billboard’s US Top Rock Album chart.

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