Travis: Where You Stand

Where You Stand
(Red Telephone Box)

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A soulful voice paired with solid harmonies and excellent instrumentals throughout, Where You Stand is an interesting album. The title track is worthy of being a title track with poetic lyrics such as “there’s a happy soul in there/But you won’t let him in.” Other tracks, such as “Moving” and “Mother,” also feature the poetic lyrics I always look for, such as, “happy ever after, dancing with disaster,” which are simple, yet poetic in their own way.

Speaking of simple, some tracks on the album, like “Another Guy” and “Anniversary,” seemed like there could have been more to them. They were catchy, but something about them seemed a bit too simple. With “Anniversary” being a bonus track, I expected more from it. I feel with bonus tracks, they almost need to prove themselves worthy of being selected for the album. It’s not that these songs weren’t enjoyable, they were catchy, I just expected more.

One song that is probably my favorite song on the album is “Parallel Lines,” which features the lyrics, “Yours will never meet mine.” While that is a simple lyric in itself, the entire song is about the love that we may never find. Two people can exist in the world that could potentially be perfect for each other, but never meet. Overall, I think this album is worth a listen. While it has a few songs that were catchy, yet simple, it definitely makes up for that with poetic lyrics and songs like “Parallel Lines.” This album features the kind of songs you will be singing in your head long after your first listen. Check it out.

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