UB40: Getting Over the Storm


Getting Over the Storm
(Virgin Records)

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From the band that made red wine infamous, comes the new album, Getting Over the Storm. The aptly named latest studio album is an eclectic mix of country and reggae. It’s an interesting concept, which makes for really catchy songs. The album features some original UB40 songs peppered in amongst some country covers including the title track, George Jones’ “Getting Over the Storm,” which in and of itself is the perfect mixture of reggae with a country twang.

The songs feature that reggae sound for which UB40 is famous, and include poetic lines that make songs memorable. Lines like “can’t breathe, I’m drowning in you” from “I Did What I Did” and “drink away the agony” from “Just What’s Killing Me” are simple, yet add a little something to each song to make them what they are. Going from song to song on the album, one can clearly see the evolution of the relationship and how, more often than not, relationships end with unfinished business.

Getting Over the Storm is an excellent example of music as an ever-changing and evolving art form. It shows how styles of music can mix, and essentially make perfect harmony. It is definitely worth a listen.

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