Orico London Skin Jive Revving Body Exfoliator


Orico Skin JiveSometimes we intend to do all the right things, but still don’t meet expectations. Orico London is a British skin care line designed to combat the effects of urban living on the skin such as pollution. While the eco-conscious products are organic and clean with ingredients like balboa, coconut, and aloe, they fall short in terms of effectiveness. I recently tried Orico Skin Jive Revving Body Exfoliator which is a light weight exfoliator, but it was too gentle especially if it’s designed to clear away city grime. The texture was milky with a sprinkling of exfoliating beads, so it felt more like a body wash. It cleansed my skin, but I’ve had better results with other exfoliators for less money. I appreciated the gentleness and the moisturizing effects, but it was more like a cleanser than an exfoliator. Orico London has its heart in the right place with a green focus, but they may need to turn up the focus on their formulations.

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