Small Engine Repair @ The Lucille Lortel Theatre

Small Engine Repair MCC - Lortel Theatre by John Pollono directed by Jo Bonney with Keegan Allen, James Badge Dale, John Pollono, James RansoneSmall Engine Repair, down at The Lucille Lortel Theatre is a hoot from beginning to end. What a breath of comic fresh air this 4-person one act is, from John Pollono’s coiled-up and menacing “Frank”  (Pollono wrote the play as well) James Ransone’s goofy “Packie,” James Badge Dale’s scene eating “Swaino” and Keegan Allen’s too-hip-for-the-room (at first) “Chad”  you’re bound to have a great time watching all the mayhem. From what seems at first a meeting of childhood friends who hang out way too infrequently, we learn of the much more serious reason Frank has called everyone to his garage and from this reveal things get super intense and even funnier.

There’s a comment Pollono is offering us about the digital age and the messes we can get into, but generally the theme lies under some really solid characterizations and broad naughty funny moments of both dialogue and action. By the time you hear Swaino yell “Foursquare” you’re already pretty much on the edge of your seat…and we haven’t even got to the picture taking yet!

This is a laugh-out-loud funny hour and a half, about the best comedy I have ever seen staged and one of the best theatre experiences I’ve had in a very long time.

The supremely gifted Jo Bonney directs here with subtlety and Richard Hoover’s set is one brilliant piece. But the true talent behind Small Engine Repair is the wonderfully economic script by John Pollono and the greatness of his fellow actors. See this!

Small Engine Repair runs at The Lucille Lortel Theatre through December 8, 2013. To purchase tickets, please visit http://www.mcctheater.org/shows/13-14_season/smallenginerepair/index.html.

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