Andrew Bird: I Want To See Pulaski

andrew birdAndrew Bird
I Want To See Pulaski At Night
(Grimsey Records)

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Andrew Bird released his seven-track instrumental EP, I Want To See Pulaski├é┬á At Night, featuring a collection of classical songs. It’s a pure love instrumental record. “Ethio Invention No. ├é┬á1” and “Ehtio Invention No. 2” are two seperate acoustic tracks that seemingly have everything in common. “Hover I” and “Hover II” are brilliantly alike; “Hover I” is ├é┬áthe start-up song and “Hover II” transcends into a faster, upbeat pace that can easily inspire a Picasso-like painting. To think this album was pieced together in a couple of weeks is quite remarkable.

The second track, “Lit From Underneath,” is full of violins and whistling in the beginning with light guitar strumming. It almost sounds like a group of birds singing along├é┬ásimultaneously. “Logan’s Loop” is ironically enough of a never-ending looping rhythm. The entire album takes listeners in and out of an acoustic dreamworld with a classical touch.

The title track is the only song on the EP with actual words by Bird. Much of the lyrics are├é┬árepetitive yet so├é┬ápertinent to the revolving concept of ├é┬áI Want To See Pulaski At Night. It’s a mix of Bird’s smooth vocals over instrumentals. He sings, “half empty, half full…I write you a story, but it loses its thrill/Thread and all of my witnesses keep turning up.” ├é┬áThe song feels a bit folky. The lyrics visually take you through Bird’s experiences imploring for his ex-lover “to come back to Chicago,” the city of lights (aka, his “lighter”├é┬ádays). It makes a bold statement for the EP.

Andrew Bird’s EP gets back to basics with seven full-length acoustic tracks. Listen now. This is folky, dreamy, classical and brand new Bird. Less is more and the EP stays true to the origin of sound.

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