Cut Copy: Free Your Mind


cut copyCut Copy
Free Your Mind

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The electronic bliss fest of Cut Copy’s new synthpop forage, Free Your Mind, blows through with glittery party-rific synthesizers and emotively gleeful anthems. Moving with all the giddiness of a party boat just beyond the pier, the layered vocals echo and feel as flighty as a relentless full day’s caffeine buzz. It is hard not to be seduced by the rhythmic, upbeat fanfare that at times hearkens back to a late ’80s sweaty club sound like on “Meet Me In A House Of Love” and “Let Me Show You Love.” Formulaically, the choruses remain simplistically catchy and the vocals every bit charismatic, pop-infused and hopeful. “Free Your Mind” sounds like a masterfully furtive sonic jungle, while the music video features actor Alexander Skarsgard as a seemingly woeful cult leader. “In Memory Capsule” is a breezy dance affair carried upon the shoulders of a nicely pompous bass riff. Hailing from Australia, Cut Copy has been mastering the sounds of electronica since its early beginnings circa 2001. Although the fidelity to electro conformity remains pretty solid, their vibrancy continues to charm.

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