Luscious Jackson: Magic Hour

lusciousLuscious Jackson
Magic Hour
(City Song)

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Hearing Jill Cunniff sing “Frequency,” a track from the new Luscious Jackson album, Magic Hour, brings a heady organic infectiousness that has been missed since their last studio album was released in 1999. “Frequency” is an intergalactic, space pop-powered jam and reminds instantly why Luscious Jackson has been so beloved. Sure, they were the first group signed to the Beastie Boys’ label, Grand Royal Records, back in the early ’90s, but their seamless blend of pop, rock, Latin, hip hop, punk and funk still captivates as it did before. Their second full length album, Fever In Fever Out, went certified gold in 1996. Their homage to individuality uncompromised shines through their rich loops of dizzying guitars, arty house disco-pop, striped-down drives and catchy gems. Gabby Glaser’s vocals are as sexy as ever, Kate Schellenbach is pure mastery on drums, while Jill Cunniff still has one of the best voices in pop. “Love Is Alive” and “Aaw Turn It Up!” house a super subterranean sound with hypnotizing beats and sinewy bass lines, while “#1 Bum,” breaks down dancehall rhythms honoring a man’s obviously wonderfully constructed derriere as the lyrics repeat, “I got your back, I got your back.” Magic Hour is signature Luscious Jackson and a perfect convergence of musical tapestries that still rock with trendsetting allure.

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