Calories: Calories III


calories iiiCalories
Calories III
(Tough Love Records)

Loud, messy and melodic work excitingly well on the new album, Calories III, by the Birmingham, UK band Calories. Scratchy guitars and exquisite drums allow the album to breathe musically poetic. The track “The Curse/Daylight” seduces with hypnotic guitars, drums and swirling vocals. The album easily reminds one of Radiohead’s Pablo Honey and Gish by the Smashing Pumpkins and harkens back to an era where fuzz and electric guitar effects and feedback ruled with utopian seduction. “Mausoleum” begins gleefully and totally drowned-out with every peak of sound blending together awesomely. Each song also possesses its own beauty, like on “Race Positions,” the opening vocals are almost choral, yet hold a captivating indie rock lullaby appeal.

The album can be purchased here.

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