Mac Davis – A Little More Action Please: The Anthology 1970-1985


mac davisMac Davis
A Little More Action Please: The Anthology 1970-1985

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Twenty-three songs make up the wonderful album of Mac Davis songs, A Little More Action Please: The Anthology 1970-1985. Old curly-haired Davis with his strong voice, and easy smile was a staple of my television watching with his The Mac Davis Show in the mid ’70s. The man also appeared in movies and even on Broadway and had a slew of hits. This album includes every Top 40 Billboard country and pop hit single that Davis issued between 1970 and 1985, covering his very best for Columbia, Casablanca and MCA.

Here we have his versions of his songs made popular by Elvis, “Memories,” the stupendous lyric chunky wavy guitar of “In the Ghetto” and the wonderful country fun of “A Little Less Conversation.”

“Something’s Burning” starts slow and steady, an acoustic ode with conga behind it and Davis’ perfect vocal control before it hits with a full organ bleed and full band rockin’ out. “Whoever Finds This, I Love You” might be a little string shmaltzy, but Mac handles his higher register well. Then we are back to rockin’ on tunes like the honky tonk piano read of “Yesterday and You.”

Davis’ huge hit, “Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me,” is here of course…one of the many tunes Davis managed about women wanting more from him than he did them. “Dream Me Home” is a pure commercial country story song and “One Hell of a Woman” lifts a smidgen of a riff from “Satisfaction,” until Davis gets into his best Tom Jones imitation (complete with sweeping strings). “Lucas Was a Redneck” is low and slinky and the talking beginning to “It’s Hard To Be Humble” is a great fun “live” recording about Davis’ life at that moment. Rounding out this collection are the hits “Texas In My Rearview Mirror” “Hooked On Music” and “You’re My Bestest Friend.”

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