Rachel Bloom and a host of Jews at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, 12/26/13

rachelbloom__131009142152-150x150Rachel Bloom and a band of merry Jews entertained like crazy the day after Christmas down at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Rachel (who I interviewed for us here) is a lady of fantastic comic talents, songwriter extraordinaire, viral video witty babe and all around talented writer/performer. She featured her new CD Suck Christmas!!! A Chanukah Album at this show with an hour and half of song, dance, story and some video.

Helping Rachel this night were Dan Danny Jolles, Adam Pally and Dan Ain plus Rachel’s partner Dan Gregor; her dancers for the wonderful “You Can Touch My Boobies”-one of my faves of Rachel’s-were Mariah Freda and Rachel Wenitsky. Rachel’s pretty much a cheerleader live. As I feel when checking-out her website as I did this night, she works hard for her audience. The young lady seems to care deeply for getting good solid laughs, making sure we are with her, getting her songs across and not sitting back with that too-cool-for-the-room ‘tude I see too often these days in the daily spate of Facebook mega-wanna be viral ‘artists’.  She knew when to cut to one of her storytellers, from a laconic young rabbi to one of the other guys, when to spin Gregor out as the foreskin angel and when to cut to video.

Really, this was a solid funny jew-tacular time down at the rather comfortable, certainly economical UCB (check them out here: there’s lots going on at the space) and by all means check out all things Rachel Bloom here:  and get your hands on her hilarious CD on iTunes.

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