Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett: Her Original Soundtrack


Her SoundtrackHer Original Soundtrack
Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett
(WaterTower Music)

Arcade Fire are known for their strange, lush music and bold innovation, so it is fascinating to hear them play in such a subdued fashion for the score to Her. Most of the soundtrack is a collaboration with the talented multi-instrumentalist/composer Owen Pallett.

The songs themselves are quiet and delicate, well crafted for a film crafted around such loneliness and desperation. These are tracks to pull at the heartstrings but swell with strands of hope as well. The balance between conventional orchestration and electronic elements complements Her‘s exploration of humanity and what it means to fall in love with a person (and, indeed, what constitutes a “person” at all). Fans with sharp ears will also recognize the instrumental skeleton of Arcade Fire’s “Supersymmetry,” which appeared in whole on the band’s last album, Reflektor.

Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs appears at the end of the soundtrack for the gentle acoustic ballad “The Moon Song.” To hear such a powerhouse voice give a subdued performance is quite charming, and it’s reassuring to have the score end on a romantic note.

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