THE SEX FILES: We Talk with T-girl Jaquelin Braxton

Jaquelin BraxtonSurely a ‘niche’ area of the porn world, T-girls have been out there with just about any other kind of adult performer you want to name for as long as you can imagine. Take a good gander at any magazines from any decade, read various erotica and even do a search of adult movies from long ago and you’ll find transsexuals in lots of different adult fare…granted maybe not in the “mainstream” of porn, but certainly available for those who care to look for them. Many T-girls presently getting into the adult business are not fully ‘transitioned’ and in fact use the money they make modeling (and in porn, one of the few employment opportunities where a T-girl can truly take advantage of their particular uniqueness) to help pay for hormones, implants, etc.

Jaquelin Braxton is indeed one of the newer T-girl adult stars but she is breaking in a big way. She has worked for the powerhouse Kink.com for the “TS-Seduction” area of their site, has her own site up presently and continues with her glamour shoots…being a true glamour lady indeed. The lovely lady was brought to my attention by New York’s own Housekeeper of Trans-Glam, a great guy I’ve known for a bit and have talked to before about this particular adult fare. What I haven’t had the privilege to do though was to talk to a bona fide T-girl break-out adult star and I am honored to have had the chance to have a sit down with the stunning Jaquelin and to have grabbed this interview. You can click right now to her website here: www.ts-jaquelinbraxton.com, drool over the pic above and get to know the lady by reading below.

You have a very ‘arresting’ look, can you tell us your ethnic background; where are you from?

I am Hispanic, originally from Guatemala.

When did you think “Hey, I got to get into adult entertainment, make some movies, sell them on a membership site?”

I received a lot of compliments on my looks and suggestions to get into the industry. Once I looked into it, I thought it would be fun and exciting; it has proven to be both!

Do you think membership sites and live streaming is the way adult entertainment is headed? Or do you think there will always be a market for fans, friends and even the curious looking to buy DVD’s?

I think both are important, but membership sites and streaming video is where the industry is headed, which is why I have created my website.

In straight porn, things like a 50 Shades of Grey can influence movies or there’ll be a bunch of parody porn films made every so often. Is T-girl porn influenced by trends?

I think T-girl porn is still in its infancy, and as it grows it will become more main stream. So you never know what might influence it in the future.

Do you know the percentage of your audience make up? How many of your members are gay or straight, men or women?

I do not know the percentage; I just hope that I appeal to everyone!

What’s your preferences for the scenes you shoot? You seem to be a ‘top’ more often than not. Do you prefer the dominant role?

This seems to be the biggest misconception about me in the industry. While some of my earlier scenes required me to “Top” and play a dominant role, I personally prefer to be versatile as both a Top and Bottom

In your personal life, has recent seemingly gay friendly reforms in the U.S. and abroad helped for more acceptance for transgendered people?

I have been so focused on work; I haven’t really spent any time looking into the social acceptance of transgendered people.

In the end, what do you want friends, fans and family, or even just the everyday guy or girl to know about you?

For me personally, I am just an everyday girl devoted to family and friends.

Let me give you one of those cliché “Playboy” interview questions: Name some of your favorite stuff: mainstream movies, food, something you like to do when you’re not turning the Internet on.

I love steak and Hispanic food…and any movie I can snuggle up in bed and watch.

What’s coming in the immediate future for you…beyond what you’re doing at the site. Are you hitting any upcoming conventions? Where can people reach you (Twitter/Facebook, etc.)

Of course my website is the biggest task for me right now, but I have some great scenes coming up as well. I will be attending the 6th Annual Tranny Awards Sunday February 16th where I am nominated for “Best New Face.” You can also follow me on Twitter@jaquelinbraxton.

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