Benecos 101: Certified Natural, Gluten Free Makeup from Germany


I’ve always been quite obsessed with eating wholesome, organic foods but it wasn’t until very recently that I started to scrutinize my makeup. As females, we spend most of our waking hours wearing it and when I inspected the labels of my usual brands, I was unable to pronounce most of the ingredients. It was then and there that I vowed to go all- natural in my beauty products as well. After a quick search online, I stumbled upon benecos. Made in Germany, this line of beauty products is certified natural, gluten free, and cruelty free. I picked up a few basics to start and here’s what I found:
Benecos Concealer 1. benecos Natural Concealer
This product alone is a godsend. It’s great for covering up acne, doesn’t irritate the skin, and even has a nice scent, possibly from the Jojoba thrown into the mix. You feel fresh wearing this concealer as opposed to being weighed down.  This product comes in Light & Beige.
Benecos Powder 2. benecos Natural Mattifying Compact Powder
This powder goes on so smoothly, it just becomes part of your skin. I’ve also noticed that I rarely need touchups with this. The makeup lasts all day. Knowing that the make-up is certified natural, I don’t mind wearing it all day. This product comes in 3 shades: Porcelain, Sand, & Beige.
Benecos Blush3. benecos Natural Powder Blush
The Blush goes on as seamlessly as the Powder and has a slight shimmer. I chose the Sassy Salmon color to start, but it also comes in Rose Mallow and Toasted Toffee.

My biggest concern with Natural Makeup was that I wouldn’t get the right amount of coverage. Benecos has alleviated that worry because the coverage is fantastic. What’s more, you’ll definitely notice your skin improve over time. I know I did. To discover even more benecos products, visit:

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