Bombay Bicycle Club: So Long, See You Tomorrow

bombay bcBombay Bicycle Club
So Long, See You Tomorrow
(Island Records)

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For their fourth studio album, English indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club were not content to stick with an easy formula for success. As the group’s name indicates, So Long, See You Tomorrow draws on world music rather than the usual indie guitar influence, making it a slightly challenging, but wholly satisfying record.

Beautiful keyboards and electronic beats are layered in abundance throughout the album, building a beautiful, complicated landscape rather than a jumble of noise. All of the songs but one feature a guest vocalist, namely Rae Morris or Lucy Rose, the latter of whom appears on more than half the tracks. The presence of female vocals adds to the delicate, artful sound of the album.

For me, no song on this album is a miss. “It’s Alright Now” satisfies on all levels, with clear, crisp vocals that match up with sweeping music to create a gigantic power pop vibe. “Eyes Off You” is a haunting, stripped-back piano track that is memorable for its quiet as much as its lyrics. “Feel” has a jaunty Indian vibe that works surprisingly well in the context of the record.

So Long, See You Tomorrow is difficult to describe in short because its influences and accomplishments are so disparate but interconnected. Suffice it to say that if you like English music’s tendency to combine indie rock and electronica, you will love this.

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