Brody Dalle: Diploid Love

brodyBrody Dalle
Diploid Love
(Caroline International)

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Brody Dalle’s Diploid Love is confident and uplifting, musically characterized by simple driving beats and distorted guitars.

“Rat Race” and “Underworld” serve as adequate introductions, but the third track is where things really begin to pick up. Lyrically, Dalle warns, threatens, and promises to defeat her primary enemy—her own obstacles—while offering bits of self-assurance and determination in “Don’t Mess With Me” and “Carry On.” Her singular and evocative voice makes you believe her every word. She’ll follow through on her promise to burn this city down and shows no signs of giving up. “Dressed in Dreams” brings an unexpected calm, but also stands out from its louder and more aggressive predecessors (some of which fall flat on the first and second listen).

For the most part, the slower and quieter songs are superior and more memorable. The rhythm section occasionally sounds too polished, and likely translates better in a live setting where everything has a chance to come across louder, stronger, and muddier. Although every song might not hit hard the first time, give Diploid Love a chance and it’ll grow on you. The final track, “Parties for Prostitutes,” is drawn out just enough to leave you wanting more and wishing that more of the album had a similar feel. The sound builds up to an aggressive and euphoric climax before simply fading out.

If you’re expecting the same Brody Dalle from ten or even 5 years ago, you’ll be disappointed. If Dalle’s earlier work is an autobiographical chronicle of the long dark tunnel, then Diploid Love is the soundtrack to the light at the end of it.


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