Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed

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The latest from a comedian with several comedy albums and specials under his belt, Obsessed is right on-par with what you would expect from this true-to-himself funnyman. From his jokes about family (he is married with five kids) to his jokes about food, he is not afraid to put himself out there just to make us laugh.

His exaggerations are what make him who he is. The various voice intonations he uses to speak for other people are always hilarious and add just that much more to his jokes. While some things he says may seem far-fetched, most of what he says is only a slight stretch from reality, like his take on weddings for example (“an awkward party you have to pay for”). His comparison of a wedding to the joining together of two kingdoms, is not as crazy as it may sound. While his reaction to people crying at weddings (“don’t worry, it probably won’t work out”) would seem harsh or insensitive coming from someone else, coming from him it can just be accepted because that’s the kind of guy Jim Gaffigan is.

My favorite part of Obsessed is his rant about ice cream. He talks about eating a whole container of ice cream because, in his words, he is “not a quitter.” This rant is funny, but also thought-provoking in an odd way. “Ice cream is a night food.” This is definitely true, but not something we necessarily think about until someone like Jim points it out.

Overall, I think Obsessed is one of his best yet. Love him or hate him, I think Jim has a lot more to offer and personally, I can’t wait to see it.

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