Camera Obscura @ Le Poisson Rouge 7/15/14

All photos by Robert Alan Grand
All photos by Robert Alan Grand

Despite a few technological set backs (what can you expect when you have 5 guitars on stage?!) Camera Obscura went on at 10:10pm on Tuesday night at LPR. Although they were never known for their rock star looks when they were young, CO emerged on stage as a band of aged mom and dad rockers. At least time has been easy on lead singer Tracyanne Campbell’s vocal chords, singing like the Scottish bell her fans know and love so dearly. Sounding spot on with the recordings, CO started off the night with the title track off of their 2006 album Let’s Get Out Of This Country as well as a new song “New Years Resolution,” off of their 2013 release, Desire Lines.

At times, CO seemed to be merely going through the motions of playing live rather than actually performing with real emotion. It was hard to tell whether or not CO was truly happy to be in New York, even if lead singer Tracyanne Campbell claimed that they were. At times, lead guitarist Kenny McKeeve could even be caught yawning while taking a guitar solo.

CO finally broke out of their shell on “Honey In The Sun” or maybe they were just hiding behind upbeat drumming and extra jangly guitar? Either way, this sound looked best on them. Another crowd favorite was “French Nave” – everyone knew the words and managed to get Ms. Campbell to crack a smile, but only for a moment.

Someone from the audience asked Tracyanne if she was sipping whiskey out of her mug to which she quickly replied to her devout fan: “No whiskey these days but maybe by the end of the tour.” A little whiskey would have done them some good, or at least loosened them up a bit. We will let CO off the hook, after all this was the first show of their tour.

Camnera Obscura live 4
Camnera Obscura live 3
Camnera Obscura live 2

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