FILM: Whitey: United States Of America V. James J. Bulger


Whitey posterA ‘was he/wasn’t he’ quandary is at the heart of Whitey: United States Of America V. James J. Bulger the new documentary from Magnolia Pictures and director Joe Berlinger.

If not one of the most infamous, certainly one of the most compelling American criminals of the past century and famous fugitive, Bulger ruled the Boston neighborhoods where he terrorized the populace, committed murder, ran drugs and rackets and possibly worked as an informant for the F.B.I in the 70’s and 80’s. Whether he did or did not work and was protected by the Feds (there is evidence in the movie that he ran and went into hiding for twenty six years because of a tip they gave him) is bolstered and questioned by the two sides here-prosecutors and Bulger’s defense team-as they present compelling arguments for both possibilities.

What’s most interesting-beyond being let in on actual phone conversations between Whitey and his attorney-is the real stories from the man’s victims and even associates.  Really, Whitey was one very bad dude and we hear all about his exploits right from people’s mouths.

Found after 26 years of hiding, Bulger was brought to trial last year and…well I won’t spoil the outcome for you. You really need to see this film for yourself. It’s a great movie about a truly despicable but fascinating crime figure, the kind of sociopath that comes along once every few years.

Whitey: United States Of America V. James J. Bulger is in select theaters and on Itunes/On Demand now.


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