The Black Angels: Clear Lake Forest

black angelsThe Black Angels
Clear Lake Forest
(Blue Horizon)

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Clear Lake Forest is the fourth EP released from the band The Black Angels. The band features Stephanie Bailey (drums, bass), Christian Bland (guitar, vocals), Alex Maas (vocals, bass), and Kyle Hunt (keyboards, percussion).

The opening track, “Sunday Evening,” with Alex Maas on vocals, channels The Velvet Underground, the band whose song, “The Black Angel’s Death Song” supposedly inspired The Black Angels to take their name. “Diamond Eyes” features a catchy lyrical melody, while “The Flop” makes good use of the organ.

“The Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street” features a contagious keyboard, while “The Executioner” sounds like something that belongs in a David Lynch film; it resembles a 1950’s ballad that got regurgitated as dark and twisted. “Linda’s Gone” sounds like something right out of the Lou Reed catalog and successfully closes out the album on a bittersweet note.

Overall, The Black Angels have mastered the garage rock sound on this record.

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