Weird Al: Mandatory Fun

weird alWeird Al
Mandatory Fun
(RCA Records)

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From the creative mind that brought us past hits like “Eat It” comes a brand new album everyone is buzzing about. No matter whom he parodies, Weird Al can always seem to make us laugh.

Only Weird Al in songs like “Foil” can poke fun at Lorde, point out the many uses of aluminum foil, and hint at a government conspiracy all in the span of a few minutes. As he says, it “looks a bit peculiar” and may seem a little crazy, but for him it works. He is also one of the few people who can make the word nomenclature work well in a song, as demonstrated in “Word Crimes,” my personal favorite song on the album. He says what every English teacher has been saying for years and we thank him for it.

If you ever wondered how songs by Miley Cyrus and various other artists would sound with a polka twist, “NOW That’s What I Call Polka!” does just that. It’s a medley of some of the latest hits with a polka twist, which has come to be known as classic Weird Al.

While he may be best known for his parody songs, there are other songs that are equally as entertaining. “Sports Song” basically sums up every school fight song ever written. Every school has one and they all boil down to the same point, which he kindly spells out for us: “We’re great. You suck.” It’s what every school wants to say, but can’t.

This album definitely holds up against his past albums. His creative and comedic genius comes out in every song. Mandatory Fun is great for a summer drive, hanging out with friends, or even when you just need a laugh. It is definitely worth a listen…or two.

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