Warpaint @ Webster Hall 10/14/14


WarpaintSummer2014On Tuesday, October 14th, Webster Hall was brimming with an eager audience. The crowd packed into the sold-out Main Ballroom in anticipation of seeing Warpaint.

Liam Finn opened the evening, with a slightly jarring set. Between the magenta sequin blazers, screaming, and disjointed music, I could not keep focused on anything happening up on stage.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before Warpaint took the stage and captivated the audience. From the moment the lights dimmed to purple and blue glow, the energy in the room changed. The women of Warpaint took the stage, picked up their instruments in the barely lit room, and began playing in a manner that felt incredibly raw and organic. Each song evolved before the audiences’ very eyes; we watched those songs come to life.

The group has three vocalists in all, and they all sound fairly similar. It’s very difficult to distinguish who is singing melody or harmony; its incredible how well they blend and use the same stylized vocal tones. The vocals float atop a lush arrangement of guitars, bass, synths, live drums, and programmed beats, culminating in a stunningly beautiful sound.

If you have not seen Warpaint live, do yourself a favor and get out to a show next time they come through town.

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