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dave masonDave Mason
Future’s Past

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With a combination of new material and re-recorded classics, Dave Mason’s new album, Future’s Past, has the potential to bring his classic sound to a whole new group of listeners. Additionally, it provides a trip back in time to those who have enjoyed both his work with Traffic and his solo efforts for many years. The songs on the album that were originally recorded by Traffic years ago have been given a sort of rebirth, with subtle changes, as Mason makes them his own on this album.

This rebirth is especially evident on songs like the Traffic classic “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” The lyrics, while seemingly simple, seem to have a hauntingly beautiful undertone to them. “Please don’t be sad/If it was a straight mind you had we wouldn’t have known you all these years.”

While there may be some old favorites on this new album, Mason doesn’t disappoint with new songs such as “That’s Freedom.” This tune has a somewhat cynical undertone to it, which I feel makes it all the more likeable.

This album also features impressive instrumentals throughout, which is something everyone can appreciate. It’s definitely worth a listen. Mason is also currently on tour with this album and, from what I’ve heard, it’s quite a show.

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