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The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo at El Presidente Cafe

SEARED FISH DE IXTAPALEÑO: Seared local fish in a tomato caper salsa

SEARED FISH DE IXTAPALEÑO: Seared local fish in a tomato caper salsa

Believe it or not we’re in May. We’re kicking winter’s butt out the door- We’ve made it. So that means time for margaritas.

If you have any question on where to spend your Cinco de Mayo this year, we’ve got your answer with Tacombi’s latest and greatest dining experience- El Presidente Cafe.

Tucked away on West 24th street in Manhattan, El Presidente Cafe joins a number of quiet, new outcroppings on this historically quiet street. The bang for the buck and the authentic flavors are enough to convince even the hippest of diners to venture north of 14th st.

The menu here is simple and the winners are undeniably the tacos, which come in 15 different styles, but we recommend the Seared Fish Ixtapaleno ($4.49) which has a fantastic kick, and the classic Tacos al Pastor ($2.49) with pork that is spit-fire-roasted on premises, and served up with pineapple, onions and cilantro in tortillas that are also made right in front of you.

This Cinco de Mayo, El Presidente Cafe celebrates in a very special way with a full-on masquerade battle of France vs. Mexico. Exactly 150 years ago, Mexico beat France at Puebla. El Presidente Cafe invites you to don your monocles and medals to reenact the French forces, or mustaches, sashes and bullet belts to celebrate Mexican victory! Be sure to head down there, May 5th.

Or go anytime. Because Cinco de Mayo is just a number. And the time for margaritas is now.

Recommended dish: Load up on any and all tacos – $2.49 – $4.95
Recommended drink: Margarita or Paloma for a lighter drink combo of Corralejo Blanco, fresh grapefruit, soda – both at $12.

El Presidente Cafe
30 W 24th St.
New York, NY 10010
Ph: (212) 242-3491

Open 11am until 12am, M-F
10am until 12am Sat
10am until 10:30am Sun

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