Blackmore’s Night: All Our Yesterdays


all our yesterdaysBlackmore’s Night
All Our Yesterdays
(Frontiers Records)

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Blackmore’s Night’s brand new album, All Our Yesterdays, offers a varied range of tunes, some unique twists on covers, and Ritchie Blackmore and band having their way with both electric and medieval instruments. The poppy title track opens, a stomping and swirling tune that stays a bit longer than it should, but is still pretty darn infectious. “Darker Shade of Black” mines familiar, mid-70’s Deep Purple and features lots of Mr. Blackmore’s slicing electric playing here. The band manages unique takes on Linda Ronstadt’s “Long Long Time,” Mike Oldfield’s “Moonlight Shadow” and the best cover here, “I Got You Babe.” On this last, Candice sings all the parts, the Troubadour of Aberdeen offers solid drumming and Lady Lynn’s stellar harmonies. “Where Are We Going From Here” marks another electric guitar gem, with slide playing and pull-offs from Ritchie, staccato snare and a low key bass that keeps things bopping along. “Will O’ the Wisp” sees the band pulling out all the stops on those wild, historic instruments they play, with “woo hoo” chants making the tune another sing-along ditty.

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