Catching Up With Our Favorite Radio Host, Mary Carey

Mary CareyYes, I have managed a sit down with the scrumptious blonde superstar Mary Carey here before (see here) but seeing as Mary has just added the “The Sexy Side of Politics” on her Happy Hour Vivid Radio Show (airing 12-1pm PT here: VividRadio.com) and given all that is going on politically, I felt it was the perfect time to check-in with Mary for my first SEX FILES of 2016.

You actually ran for governor of California in 2003, right?

Yes, I was approached to do it. I mean if you are over eighteen, have never been convicted of a felony, you can run, so I did. I actually ranked 10th out of 136 candidates and from there really, my political interests grew. Though I was on my student council also back in school.

And as we discussed the last time, you’ve been on the radio for Vivid a while now, and it seems to be going great.

Yes, I love doing the show. It’s fun to talk to the new girls in porn. I get to live vicariously through them since I am not doing porn anymore and I have my new “The Sexy Side Of Politics” segment.

You mention not doing porn anymore. From your position of being out of the biz now for a while, but still interviewing stars, still knowing about it all, how do you think things have changed out there?

When I was doing porn, there was nothing I did in a movie I wouldn’t do in real life. So it was always fun for me. I’d even stop by sets when I wasn’t working, just to be around my friends, the crews, etc; I used to say they were like low budget mainstream SAG movies. But now, the way things are because of the net, free porn sites, how so much more product needs to be produced to keep up, things are being done cheaper, girls are shooting so many more scenes in a week than I even did in a month, the productions are not as big as they used to be, girls are not getting paid as much, lots of the camaraderie has been lost on the sets. I just wouldn’t like it now, I know.

But you are still acting dancing, shooting movies?

Yes, well featured dancing is my first love, as you know I have an extensive dancing background. I just got back from Oklahoma in fact where I danced there. As far as the acting, yes I still manage to shoot what I guess is considered soft core movies for Cinemax, and HBO Go On Demand. My most recent one is College Coeds vs. Zombie Housewives, and I manage cameos in mainstream stuff all the time. I was just on an episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

That’s Rachel Bloom’s new series,  I love that show. I actually interviewed her for shortandsweetnyc a while back (see here).

Yes, that was fun. I came in for a segment on one of those comedy songs they always feature on the show, they mention a porn star in the lyric and they flash to me. Stuff like that, anytime I can do some acting, is so great for me.

So let’s get your take on the political scene, in reference to the new feature on your radio show. How does it look to you out there presently?

Obviously it’s still yet to get seriously narrowed down, but watching the Republican side from just a couple of years ago, initially I thought the front runners would have been Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, but so many decided try to go for it. Donald Trump for one is not somebody I would have expected, but to tell you the truth if I had the money I’d run; he’s not a career politician, and he’s offering radical solutions to socially radical problems, so that’s at least interesting.

And for the Democrats?

Well of course Hillary and Bill are a couple you’ve got to like, I mean I’d love to have a threesome with them. I mean I know girls get mad at Bill for the flings and all, but he is sexy in that he uses his power to have sex with women. Then again I think Marco Rubio is kinda sexy with his wife a former Dolphin cheerleader.

So it as much comes down to who might be good for the country as who you find sexy.

Definitely, my top three now I would most like to sleep with from top to bottom; Trump, Carson and Rubio. And Hillary and Bill of course, as I said. Though Jeb Bush is also a contender…I definitely would like to get me some bush.

MARY CAREY’S ‘THE SEXY SIDE OF POLITICS’ is offered during her “Happy Hour” show on VividRadio.com airing on Tuesday’s from 12-1pm PT. Mary’s latest movie College Coeds V.S. Zombie Housewives can be found here.

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