THE SEX FILES: We talk with Pornstar Lauren Phillips

Lauren PhilipsThis week I got a look into the world of cam girl/adult film star Lauren Phillips. Lauren is a busty red headed dynamo with copious talents you have to see to believe. This “True Jersey Girl,” as she calls herself, lived on the north east coast for the first 20 years of her life, then moved down to sunny Tampa, Florida, when she got into adult work. With her background in dance (Lauren attended college as a dance major and performed as a professional dancer for 8 years), Lauren’s flexibility comes in handy in all she does and her amazing attributes serve her to no end. Here’s what I learned about Lauren:

You do both private cam work and shoot scenes for movie companies, do you prefer one over the other or is it just the same fun kind of job, just different?

I don’t have a preference. I love all parts of whatever job in adult I might be doing at any given time. I like interacting with my fans on cam, and also I love shooting content for them to support my career. It’s a wonderful give-and-take relationship, I feel.

Do you find that there are things you might be more open to do solo than you’d ever do in a scene with others? Certain personas you feel adapting for the sake of private requests, etc?

For me really, the only difference between solo and working with other talent is toys. In solo scenes, I use more toys because I need to work myself up with something.

Will you always do both, or do you see a time only doing one?

As long as my fans want me to, I’ll always do both cam and movie scenes. I am happy that right now they want both…so I’ll keep doing both.

For you personally, what’s the future of the business look like?

I can’t say where the adult industry will go because it’s undergoing a huge transition presently. With porn being so free to see and download, it really affects a lot of work for us. The bottom line really is that we need the government to help enforce copyright laws and not make it so easy to watch porn for free. But this is something everyone in the business has been saying for quite a while.

Where do you see yourself in three to five years?

In five years personally, I see my career growing and blossoming to the point that I become a well-known porn star. I want people to know my name and face.

What are some of the more favorite things you’ve done so far or even people you particularly liked working with?

I actually enjoy anal a lot…and plan on doing more of it. As far as who I like working with, I have had such a good time working with so many people, I have loved each and every one really. I have a very long list of favorites.

Once a Jersey girl always a Jersey Girl? Or has moving to Florida and then LA taken the Jersey pretty much out of you? Where can friends and fans find you?

Yes, I was born and raised in New Jersey and my roots are pretty firm. Ask any one of my porn friends, the Jersey Girl in me is always out and about. I won’t ever lose that part of me, I’m happy to say.

Tell us where your fans and where even people new to finding out about you can find you.

There are various places, my official website is: http://laurenphillips.com/

I maintain a blog at: http://xofficiallauren.com/ and my Twitter is: http://twitter.com/xofficiallauren/.

You can also catch me on cam and get lots of other personal goodies by visiting me at:


Lauren truly is the real deal, as you will see going to any of the various spots above. Yes, I might have a sweet spot for a fellow New Jersian, I won’t deny it, but she was so very real and warm answering my questions and I can’t but help wish her the very best in that ‘transitioning’ world of porn.

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