Interactive Theater Experiences @ Live In Theater and Accomplice

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The Lombardi Case 1975, Photo by Ashley Koehler

With a seldom-shrinking spark of curiosity and an ever-growing adventurous spirit, I decided to take in a couple of the city’s interactive theater experiences. Not for the shy (or sleepy for that matter), these immersive shows require guests to engage with actors as well as each other as they move from location to location in search of clues to progress the stories’ narratives.

The shows I attended varied wildly. The first, Live in Theater’s “The Lombardi Case 1975” is a hard-hitting murder-mystery set in the gritty streets of the Lower East Side in 1975. The edgy show kicked off at Arlene’s Grocery where attendees, er—new recruits, are asked the first (and maybe most important) question in the case, “Do you have big enough balls to be a dick?” From there attendees are introduced to the task at hand: a politico’s daughter has been murdered, and it’s up to the new recruits to determine the murderer and motive for the crime. Guests are divided into teams, given maps and steno pads, and set loose to interview the neighborhood’s colorful residents.

The second show I participated in, Accomplice’s “The Quest for the Missing Slipper” was designed with a girls’ night out in mind. This Cinderella-inspired show starts in the Meatpacking District’s The Diner where guests sip iced tea and learn about the curse they are responsible for breaking in order to save Cindy’s wedding day. The group is given a spell book and a glass slipper before setting out to nearby establishments to gather ingredients for a potion vital to breaking the curse. Naughty dialogue and attractive actors spice up the fairytale experience, and chocolates, wine and champagne sweeten the escapade.

While “The Lombardi Trial” combines a well-crafted mystery with impressive acting resulting in a scandalous, funny and challenging experience, “The Quest for the Missing Slipper” is a charming, light-hearted experience that doesn’t require too much thinking on part of the (possibly tipsy) audience.

Both theater companies host shows open to the public and private groups. More information on shows available at Live In Theater can be found here, and more information on shows available at Accomplice can be found here.

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