A Spanking A Day: Talking with Fetish Model Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

Photo credit: Drago2

Photo credit: Drago2

It doesn’t get any better than talking to Joceline Brooke-Hamilton. Haute couture as well as fetish model, star and director of spanking fetish films, bondage movie maker, world traveler and just about the nicest person you could ever be lucky to meet Joceline (who is known in the fetish community as much by the same Ariel Anderssen as Amelia Jane Rutherford) is a truly beguiling, honest and hard-working woman who spoke to me ‘across the pond’ about all she does. I was especially interested in engaging her about her fetish shoots and the spanking stuff she does (as Amelia Jane Rutherford) for Firm Hand Spanking (where I first became aware of her…I came across that site purely for research purposes of course), but I was so taken with this lady as our talk went from here, there and everywhere.

I guess we can start with the obligatory ‘How did a nice girl like you, end up being spanked on camera?’ (we both laugh). Is this a particular fetish you have had for a long time that you have made into one aspect of your career?

My earliest fantasies centered around being tied up or spanked, it was always so very exciting to me. But I guess I’m a bit old in that I didn’t grow up with the Internet. When I was young you could only access the net at University, or a library computer and I wasn’t about to sit in such a public area and look at what most people would consider porn. There were people though who were searching each other out over their interests; I’m not brave like that, I certainly wasn’t the type to go around to an adult bookstore or go out to look for people with those interests. So I didn’t actually explore the kink in my real life until I began modeling for kinky photographers and websites. Thank goodness for modeling!

And I do notice, that on your sites (see below) and in your resume, you do list all you do, from the mainstream to the fetish, as well as the various names you go by in that work.

When I started modeling I wasn’t expecting it to go anywhere, I figured I’d do a few shoots a month, so I did them under my real name, not thinking anything of it all. I was already an actress under my real name, I didn’t see a reason for a stage name. I started to do fetish work very quickly, though, I loved it, but someone said to me on one of my first fetish shoots, what’s your fake name going to be? ‘Oh ok,’ I said to myself ‘this is normal, I’m meant to have a fake name,’ so I gave myself one. The idea was that fans can be very dangerous and that made sense to me at the time to protect myself. But in the time I have been modeling I have found they aren’t dangerous, fans are people and like people, there are some good, some bad, some dangerous, some not.

I often think I made a mistake creating the fake names, as if it suggests something to be ashamed of. But then again, the fake name is kind of a brand in a way now and it is nice knowing that if someone has booked Ariel Anderson, Amelia Jane or Jocelin, it tells me what they are looking for. Generally, though, I’m not a secretive person and I have no problem with people knowing all about me.

There has been an inordinate amount of attention from recent AVMS restrictions leveled at adult fare coming out of your country. Presently where are things with these laws in the U.K.?

Unfortunately, it’s all still happening over here. The body in charge has changed and they have been on hiatus. We are hopeful that the new people in charge will take a less extreme line, but we don’t know yet, people can still be prosecuted. Basically, the whole industry for people like me who make these films is suspended, no one knows what they are allowed to shoot and how long they are allowed to shoot it.

The restrictions seem pretty sexist and even draconian in some cases.

I’m not opposed to a discussion about what should be shown. I get that there’s an issue with how everything turns up on the Internet, and lots of times it’s not great; I’ve seen stuff I’d rather not see. I think this is open to discussion. But no one in fetish gets a voice. I don’t think someone without a kink should get to tell someone what’s acceptable and what’s not.

We already have laws against anything non-consensual, no one is arguing that. If you’re not allowed to do something, you can’t shoot it, that’s reasonable.

As to the actual shooting of spanking scenes, are they hard to endure after a time? What’s the nuts and bolts here? Can you just call ‘cut’ when your bottom is hurting too much?

At a shoot anyone on set can call cut; the ‘top,’ ‘bottom,’ anyone. At Firm Hand, a wonderful company to work for by the way, the safe word is “ouch,” because you can say that and they can keep the footage in up to that point even if they stop the action. If you were to yell “cut” it sounds like it came from the crew or something. As I direct my stuff for them as well as performing in it, I really have the say when something needs to be more dramatic or whatever else it needs.

As far as taking a break, I’d rather power through, like I do in life generally. As soon as you stop your bottom can get cold again and starting again can be harder actually than just keeping on.

Truer words of wisdom, for life, art, fetish, have never been spoken. I can’t thank Joceline Brooke-Hamilton enough for her time, insights and continued stunning work, in haute couture, spanking and bondage work.

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