THE SEX FILES: 2016, The Year In Sex

female-tedForget the election, forget all the deaths; let’s look at what happened in the world of sex and for our specific perversions in 2016. I am not belittling the fact that Trump got in and Hillary lost (no matter if you were for or against either of those possibilities) and having Prince, Carrie Fisher, Keith Emerson (and Greg Lake), Fidel Castro, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Merle Haggard, Gene Wilder, Abe Vigoda, Florence Henderson, Anton Yelchin (and too many others) all go in the same year is certainly a bitch and a half. But we want our sex dammit and I have been lax giving you any skinny the past few weeks because of the holidays.

So let me slide a little 2016 sex round-up on ya’ll.


VR porn has been the buzz word in the industry the past few years. Companies like Real Teens VR, Badoink VR, Vivid Entertainment and the granddaddy of them all, the world’s biggest VR porn site-the aptly named-Virtual Real Porn have gotten into the fray. But is VR porn better porn?

It seems the delivery method here is what is in question and what will keep you immersed or take you out of the experience (and for people interested in VR porn, it is an experience they seek for sure, in fact, Vivid Entertainment calls their VR watching an “experience”). But herein lies the rub (and not rubbing in a good way); not only is the good or bad of your time spent in the VR world contingent upon the quality of your Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard (two drastically priced items), watching VR porn can be restrictive because of these items. Yes, you get a 3D experience and 180 views but as Mike Wehner reported in his superb Daily Dot piece Everything you need to know about virtual reality porn: “Using a head-mounted display means taking two of your most important senses and throwing them into a different realm. Your eyes are transported to a virtual world via the headset and your ears—tucked snugly in a headset—follow along. You turn on your X-rated entertainment and your brain tells you your body is engaged, but in reality your body is sitting in front of your computer, and your hand is probably doing something that would mortify anyone who happens to wander by.”


It came up, it came down; it got thrown up and turned around. Proposition 60, the “Condoms in Pornographic Films Initiative,” has been voted on, protested for and against but it seems as of this year it has been rejected.

The latest vote-53.9 percent of voters against, 46.1 percent for-seemingly put an end to the consideration and fighting. Quite a few porn companies moved out of LA over this argument, and the law has been in effect since 1992, though hardly ever enforced. But as is usually the case with laws, there was lots more to the mandatory condom law than just trying to get all male performers to cover-up. The question of adult performer’s privacy rights and other factors came into play and it seems this last voting reflected those concerns.


I guess I can’t stay away from what happened this year in our political race (I tried kids, I really did!). But I’ll avoid Hillary and The Donald for the most part, they really weren’t so interesting when it came to sexual shenanigans.

First, we had our old buddy Anthony Weiner back in the news.  In August, Weiner was caught, once again, sending naughty pics and messages. This time his wife Huma (Hillary Clinton aid by the way) wasn’t letting him off the hook, as she did back a few years ago when her hubby’s itchy horny Twitter finger was first revealed. Weiner was sending pics this time of himself in his undies while lying next to his son.

During the race, XHamster posted “PenetraTED,” an amateur sex video featuring a 21-year-old “Female Ted Cruz.”  Yes, the lady in question did resemble the then Presidential hopeful, but beyond some laughter, the story managed for about a week, it died off quickly.

And amidst all the big or little hands and big or little whatever questions of Donald Trump’s anatomy, artist Illma Gore created her “Make America Great Again” satirical sketch of our new president…and claims she was beaten-up for it. The controversial sketch, how it showed Trump naked and sporting a very small member and where the picture might find a home seemed to be bested by Gore’s later claim.


North Carolina was in the middle of LGBT rights issues this year, with their waffling over ‘bathroom laws’ as they came to be termed. Transgendered access to public bathrooms, became a nation-wide hot button topic in 2016 when Mississippi, but most infamously North Carolina, passed legislation restricting access to bathrooms based on one’s biological predisposition, not identity. As with all cultural emotive topics, the issue got snatched up by both political parties while questions of simple human dignity and the further consideration of state’s rights versus federal were thrown aside. Check your local listings (translation, state laws) in how this is is all being handled in your own environs.

Was this all that went down over our vajajays and noodles, nah, lots more happened. But I figure these were a few of the top stories we tackled as we all tried to get through the day without giving ourselves a little southern tickle or answer that Snapchat prompt. Here’s looking forward to 2017!

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