Chashama Gala @ 4 Times Square, 6/8/2017


Exactly how do you get a bunch of real estate execs in suits to mingle with offbeat artists in everything from clown costumes to dominatrix attire? Throw a gala, of course.

Chashama held its annual gala at 4 Times Square on Thursday, June 8, and it was certainly something to write home about. The non-profit organization was founded by Anita Durst, daughter of real estate developer Douglas Durst, with the admirable goal of partnering with property owners to transform unused real estate into art spaces.

For the event, an entire floor of a Midtown skyscraper was transformed into a you’d-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it art party. Over 150 artists participated, including honoree Sir Shadow, who was on hand to draw his iconic pieces of single-line, jazz-inspired drawings he calls “flowetry.”

Guests were greeted by one of Flambeaux Fire’s candelabra shrines with dancers, wax-drippers and Durst, herself, in a massive wax encasement. Elevator rides were accompanied by an enthusiastic, operatic singer, and the elevator bay was decked out like a circus sideshow complete with a ringmaster.

Beyond the performances, videos, and art-making, the party was also completely immersive. Guests could get in on the action by receiving an amazing do from Delirious Hair Designs or enjoying some sashimi in Abby Hertz’ exhibit plucked off the body of a naked sushi model. Braver souls took a trip to Bind.NYC’s dungeon where they (some shyly, some eagerly) took off their shoes, answered the question “How do you like it?” and crawled into the great, kinky unknown.

This year, the party had a more-affordable after-party option, making the event more accessible and one to keep on your radar.

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