Phoebe Legere: Heart of Love

Phoebe Legere
Heart of Love

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Heart of Love is Phoebe Legere’s 17th album, and the seminal American songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, has just broken into the Roots Music Report Chart’s top 20 with this collection. The title track starts us off, Legere mostly manning a mandolin, and talking/warbling a lilting country opener, while a picked acoustic and drums, atmospheric piano and electric guitar inform “Men From Boys.”

“Ok Cupid” is as much nearly spoken verses as sweet harmonies with a jaunty violin. It’s a fun tune about finding love across the net.

It’s evident even this early on into the baker’s dozen that Legere can see her way around writing solid songs in many different modes.

“Blue Canoe,” is informed by wild vocalizing, what sounds like a drum machine, and distorted electric guitar slyness. I like this one a lot, as much because it gets us out of the country vibe for a bit, as for how it’s built around one riff where Legere sees her way into layering vocals and lead playing subtly into chanting choruses.

A funky beat, wailing fiddle way back in the mix, and combined vocals get Legere off and running on “Cajun Moon.” If you don’t just smell creole food cookin’ on this short one, well, your senses are dead!

“Brother,” the last tune on Heart of Love, is pushed along by snare and piano. Legere’s voice is the most accessible throughout here, and I dig the jamming midway. Another great tune.

You can’t miss with Phoebe Legere’s Heart of Love.

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