Daley: The Spectrum

The Spectrum
(BMG/ The End Records)

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The Spectrum begins with the appropriately titled “Introlude.” Simple synths and layered vocals crescendo to establish the atmosphere, and lead into the album’s first full-length track.

“Until the Pain is Gone” (featuring Jill Scott) is a classic sounding slow jam with a hint of modern sound. It shows off the powerful and evocative vocals that Daley is known and celebrated for.

“Selfish” is even softer with sweet vocals. Tapping bass and percussion align perfectly with decisive sounding piano chords, but the lyrics are what really make this track stand out. The chorus has hints of both sadness and self-reflection, “I need to be cruel to be kind/ tell you what’s on my mind.”

Here he acknowledges being emotionally unavailable (“I’m just being selfish/ I’m on hold”). He doesn’t blame the other person or ask them to wait for him. So perhaps in this complex internal struggle, a lot of the “selfishness” is actually self-awareness, and needing time to sort out some emotional baggage.

“Temple” is gorgeous and stripped down at first with beautiful choir like backing vocals, and simple thumping percussion.

There’s nothing slow about “Slow Burn,” which is a stark contrast to all of the preceding tracks, and the first upbeat tune on the album. A simple, clear bass line, joyous horns, and powerful vocals show off an old school flair (specifically Motown, jazz, and funk styles). “Sympathy” follows and turns the funk up another notch. Strong vocals that meld perfectly with horn bursts, and funky bass keep the upbeat vibes going.

“The Only One” is about a serious crush who’s also a serious narcissist. Instrumentally it’s also a classically beautiful ballad with some of the strongest vocals on the entire album.

“Second to None” brings a bit of the 90s R&B vibes, and leads to a section of slightly stripped down songs.

The album finishes strong with the most modern sounding track, “Careless.” Although it has a hint of late 90s/ early 2000s house (think Artful Dodger). The beat is definitely danceable and memorable.

Daley’s The Spectrum is a gorgeously crafted collection of beautiful vocal work, varying beats, and diverse styles. It’s a solid album from start to finish that truly shows off the spectrum of Daley’s talent and influences.

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