Go From Day to Night Makeup in 5 Easy Steps


Loads of work kept you at the office the whole day and now it’s time to go out and meet your friends for a drink in the up and coming club everybody talks about. Your wardrobe is still presentable and you can accessorise with some earrings you left the other week on your desk. But when it comes to makeup, the daily look is just not the right one. This and similar situations are something most of us have experienced once or twice until we learned to handle them like pros. Now, we change our makeup from daily styles to the night out versions in a few moves.   

1. Cat eye

Heavy eye makeup is one way to change into night mode since it’s usually something women tend to avoid for a business look. You can easily accentuate your eyes with the black eyeliner if you’re skilled enough, or use a few quick tricks for more precision. You can use a pencil to mark the line around your eyes and its thickness and then apply eyeliner over it. There’s also the trick with scotch tape to give you that perfect winged eyeliner. Also, consider using the pencil eyeliner instead of gel or liquid if you lack precision.

2. Contour your face lines

Heavy day makeup can be a challenge to maintain and usually requires regular touching ups. It can be pretty unflattering to your skin though since you’d regularly apply makeup over the existing one and create the perfect ground for impurities which can be a hassle if you have oily and problematic skin. So choose a BB cream or a lighter foundation, and for the night version apply some quick contouring over it. Use blotting papers to remove excess oil on your whole face and especially the T Zone, to minimize the shine and stickiness. Also, instead of sealing powder use the setting spray to get the matte look and your makeup great the whole night.

3. Smokey eyes

Another way to look great during the day and night is if you apply the good old fashioned smokey eyes makeup. The great thing about it is that it has a day and night version, and to go from one to another only requires a few brush strokes. You can buy the eye shadow set from any brand with different shades of the same colour, ranging from lighter to darker ones. If you don’t feel comfortable with darker eyes for the office, choose lighter shading and go over it with the darker ones for the night out.

4. Stronger lipstick colour

Lipstick is the part of your makeup to disappear first, although you can buy more permanent ones these days even those will have trouble staying on due to drinking and eating. So, in order to avoid regular visits to the bathroom or touch ups at your desk, the safest way to go is by using light gloss or lipstick. Red shades are the most associated with heavy makeup, as are the dark ones. But if they make you stand out too much, choose glitter lip glosses in a lighter shade. That way you will highlight your lips and keep it more discreet at the same time.

5. Make your lashes stand out

Eyelashes have always been something the girls liked to accentuate. Even if they’re sparse or short, you can make them thicker and longer with Lash Blossom mink lashes for example or apply the artificial ones yourself every day. If you are naturally gifted with lush lashes, then all you need is a quality mascara to make them pop out. Many brands offer the extreme black shades specifically designed to give you that seductive look for a night out. To go easy on your eyelashes, you can apply a lighter type of mascara during the day for sensitive eyes, and then add this stronger one over it. That way you will avoid creating a cemented effect on your lashes and make them sticky.


Never underestimate the importance of quality makeup products, as well as the harmful effects of using too many products on your face, eyes and lips. Touch ups are less aggressive to your face then applying one makeup over the other in cases when you can’t properly clean your skin. And, when it comes to makeup, the rule that less is more also stands, so don’t go overboard with accentuating every part of your face but rather choose one segment and highlight it perfectly.

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