Ray J and Chris Brown: Burn My Name


Ray J and Chris Brown
Burn My Name
(916% Entertainment)

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When I finally get a chance to settle in from life’s daily hustle, especially being from The Big Apple, and read the list of music reviews I’m always torn between choices. Do I explore new territory and pick a new artist, do I go for a legend who may have an independent release that hasn’t been marketed widely or, do I choose something current and relevant?

So when I chose Ray J and Chris Brown’s collaborative project I had mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong , I Love Ray J and Chris Brown separately. I just wasn’t initially excited about the idea. I presumed it would be a male dominated conceptual project targeting a young male audience, and that’s what it was.

Singer/ songwriter, Ray J is best known for appearing on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” and being the brother of singer, Brandy. His personal career began in 1995 with three albums between then and 2006, while simultaneously maintaining an acting career.

Chris Brown (despite scandal) has maintained a successful career since his first Single “Run It” at age 16, and peaked on the Billboard Charts as well. Since then its been hit after hit. This project is his second collaborative project, but his tenth in total. Both Ray J and Chris Brown have maintained relevancy in the music industry. Still, I didn’t anticipate it being my favorite idea sonically.

What pleasantly surprised me was that they still included a few select tracks geared to the ladies. “Come Back” is a sexy tune about those one night stand moments, and somehow they make it sound so sweet, a skill that only really good singers and songwriters have. The title track is honestly my favorite if I had to pick off the the top of my head. This isn’t an album I perceive as marketed to my demographic, so my opinion isn’t the law. What I can say is, I’m happy they’ll have a male audience openly listening to R&B. That’s admirable.

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