Chic (featuring Nile Rodgers) @ Brooklyn Bowl, 11/2/17


All photos by Max Schaffer

A Space for Giants hosted an event featuring the legendary Chic and the prolific (to put it lightly) Nile Rodgers raising awareness for both the latter’s illustrious career (with not only songs from Chic’s catalog but Daft Punk, Madonna and the star child David Bowie’s discography)  as well as the former’s mission of raising awareness for the fortunately dwindling ivory trade. The event boasted a host of musicians and personalities  (both of the actor variety and philanthropic stock). In between, performances ranging from the drum line/dancer ensemble The Marching Cobras to soul laden grooves from the New Orleans based Soul Rebels, an auction took place with many enticing and other not so enticing prizes. Lucky for the concert goers, there was a comedic wonder woman garbed man helping to lightheartedly move things along. In short, Nile is still the master of tasteful guitar licks and time tested tunes and it is great to see that he is proactive in a very noble cause.

The Marching Cobras start the night off with some incredible drum work.
Comedian Seth Herzog keeps the crowd in stitches
The Soul Rebels bring heart, soul and so much more to the stage.

Nile Rogers and everyone involved in this benefit to end poaching in Africa celebrate a worthy cause.
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