Majid Jordan: The Space Between

Majid Jordan
The Space Between
(OVO Sound)

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A funky, slightly moody “Intro” sets the tone for Majid Jordan’s The Space Between, and promptly takes us into “Gave Your Love Away.” This track has some serious 90s R&B vibes with its gentle fade in intro, soft, clear vocals, and clean bass.

The outro fades effortlessly into the danceable “OG Heartthrob,” which amps up the 90s vibes a bit.

Lyrics like “I can’t take making love to anyone but you…I can’t take waking up to anyone but you” and “Open up and let me in/ Have my heart it’s yours” show off the pop sensibilities that have made this Toronto-based duo so popular.

“Body Talk” dabbles in a softer version of dancehall tinged beats, the sort that have been rampant in mainstream hits over recent years.  You’ll find yourself giving in and singing along in no time.

In “Not Ashamed,” vocalist Majid Al Maskati, expresses his annoyance with a girl playing games and sending mixed signals, but even his refusal to put up with such behavior sounds sweet and melodic.

“One I Want” seamlessly mixes the soft sub space beats that characterize Majid Jordan’s sound with (another OVO Sound artist) PARTYNEXTDOOR’s trap esque lyrics. Another stand out track, “You,” moves from the romantic, to the seductive, to the explicit, but of course still sounds sweet in classic Majid Jordan style.

The title track is appropriately the most epic and expansive track really showing off the duo’s synth pop talents. With simple soft piano chords, and a simple, strong, driving beat, the lyrics tell a story, change the mood, build, and fall right along with the instrumentals. It’s slightly slow, but danceable.

The gorgeous, lush “Outro” sums everything up with slowed down snippets of previous tracks over a steady after hours esque beat.

Majid Jordan doesn’t break too much new ground with this album, but there’s no need anyway. Their choruses are simple and memorable, and they’ve mastered the perfect formula for minimal,well-written, catchy, R&B/synth pop. This is another solid and cohesive album that you can listen to on heavy rotation from start to finish.

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