THE SEX FILES: New From Pure Taboo

I have a round of new stuff from Pure Taboo (see their link here) concerning some ‘close’ familial relationships. Very hot stuff, all of it, easy to download, (after you join the site) and enjoy in your own time. What is coming from individual studios these days, releasing visual delights across their web portals, more episodes and vignettes than full films, cannot be beat (as can’t the convenience of getting porn this way.) Granted this particular type of naughty movie is not for everybody but the ‘relations’ here are pure fantasy…and lots of fun.

So let me tell you about a trio of episodes released this March from top-notch studio Pure Taboo:

There’s Momma’s Boy, starring stunning, seductive and oh-so-dangerous Blair Williams and youthful Connor Kennedy. The blonde with the perfect butt comes across her ‘stepbrother’ two times in this story, one where she teases and mocks him, the second where she deduces he has a certain fetish she comes to blackmail him over (she doesn’t blackmail him for money, though). There is a lot of build up here, nearly 12 minutes of it until we get to anybody undressing, and even then it is a slow, tease as Blair uses all her abilities-mental and physical-to extract an admission (and more) from Connor Kennedy’s besotted, confused, but certainly responding true-blue “Momma’s Boy.” When these two get to the sex, the sex is very hot.

It might just be my voyeuristic streak, but for me Waking The Babysitter is my favorite of the three here (though they are all very good films). Tommy Pistol and Reena Sky play a perfectly happy (and horny married couple), David and Maureen. One night coming back from David’s company’s celebration over his new raise Maureen gets slightly more drunk than usual, in fact embarrassingly so. The set-up comes early as Maureen attempts to make out with David in the limo on the ride home and he calls in to talk to the babysitter, Cindy (played by leggy beauty Tiffany Watson). Maureen assures her husband she has already invited Cindy to stay the night, knowing they’d be home late. When David sees the babysitter’s contact picture on his phone, we get a foreshadow of what might be heading his way.

David puts a drunk (and topless) Maureen to bed, strays past Cindy lying on the bed in the spare room and can’t help himself. Sneaking in to take pictures of the blonde sprawled on the bed in panties (pretty much stuck up between her cheeks) knee socks and top, before long David is snapping cell phone pics, slipping down Cindy’s panties, and sniffing them while jerking off over her. Of course the young woman wakes, is first repulsed, then demands David’s bonus check as blackmail or she’ll go to Maureen. Before long though the tables are turned and Pistol is “convincing” Watson to keep quiet in completely other ways, and very hard plundering ways at that. The sex here is quite rough…and good.

The Grandparents, stars Jill Kassidy, Erica Lauren, Aubrey Sinclair, Alec Knight. Grandma Jean, played by MILF stunner Lauren, doesn’t really get into any action, but schools her girls on what is expected in her house as she and grandpa (by name only, they are not related to either girls as is made plain at the beginning here) work to showing wayward girls the error of their ways. About 2o minutes in we get Knight’s “Grandpa,” confronting a naked Jill Kassidy and Aubrey Sinclair (“Lucy and Amy”) and a 3-some ensues for the duration of the film. Do the girls learn their lesson, who knows?

I love how easily one can access these episodes from Pure Taboo and how the company just keeps churning out such great stuff on a regular basis. I’ll have more reviews coming in a few weeks, but for now check out what Pure Taboo has in store.

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