Discover the Flavors of Japan with Subscription Snackbox Bokksu

Curated boxes are all the rage of late, as people are moving towards wanting a more personalized shopping experience. From celebrities sending you their favorite things to boutique and larger companies offering a monthly subscription of carefully chosen products that fit into as much of a lifestyle as an experience, people and companies are starting to think about their choices more, and that’s great for us. While food is also going through this renaissance, I came across this snack box subscription company called Bokksu that claims to be the only gourmet snack box sourced directly from artisanal Japanese snack makers.

Founded by Danny Taing two years ago, he lived in Japan for many years and fell in love with the culture, flavors and history of Japan and it’s food. Here, he delivers a curated mix of gourmet, traditional, and longtime family-favorite snacks directly from Japan. I got try April’s “Blossoming Spring” box, which upon opening, offered a tasting menu and culture guide, which is included in every Bokksu, along with a tea pairing. The tasting menu laid out every item inside, explaining what it was, which was very smart and really helps you understand what your eating, and where it comes from. It was something handy that I decided to read over after every item I ate and had a chance to savor, which made things fun!
There were so many snacks, with most mainly in Japanese, that it became a tasting game of figuring out what you were eating, which I found I really enjoyed. Snack box standouts included the White Strawberry, a freeze-dried strawberry that is chocolate-infused and made by innovative producer Qua. The Sakura Rusk was by far the most surprising of the box, which is essentially a twice baked slice of baguette with sakura butter (sakura flower petals mixed in butter) giving it a sweet and savory flavor that was both unexpected and completely new to me. Also interesting and which took a minute to decide that I really liked was the Suppa Mucho Sour plum, which is basically crispy potato sticks seasoned with tangy plum. At first this was my least favorite, but after a few bites it grew on me and I couldn’t finish the bag fast enough. While there were plenty of surprises with every bite of every snack, the box overall takes you on a journey through the culture of Japan and does not disappoint in both flavor and sensory surprises.
If you love snacks, I highly recommend Bokksu, as it offered many flavor profiles and combinations that I would normally have never gotten a chance to try, with almost all being surprising in flavor and even packaging, you really get a chance to experience some of the flavors of Japan without leaving your home.
For more information and to indulge in a subscription, please visit Bokksu.
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