Sevendust: All I See Is War

All I See Is War
(Rise Records)

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Atlanta heavyweights Sevendust have been around for a little over twenty years and have released a steady stream of albums since their 1997 debut.

It’s particularly impressive when you consider how few bands have survived the end of the late 90’s nu-metal era, let alone so gracefully. On their latest, lead singer Lajon Witherspoon creates a whirlwind of urgency and intensity from the very first track, “Dirty.” It hits you hard while still maintaining a degree of poise along with machine-gun drum fills and menacing backing vocals.

By the next track, “God Bites His Tongue,” we’re in full-on headbanger mode as Witherspoon sings a dark plea for salvation from the horrors of today. The quieter moments on the album are sparse but effective, as in the soothing synth-strings intro which launch into the positively brutal “Unforgiven.” Witherspoon’s mellower side is showcased in “Sickness,” which tones it down a bit and allows lead guitarist Clint Lowery to lend his chops to a tasteful solo. The band goes back to their thrash roots on “Risen,” with guitarists Clint Lowery and John Connolly throwing it down. The last track, “The Truth,” is a call-and-response banger with a more progressive metal feel (and they pull it off well) with a particularly impressive performance by drummer Morgan Rose, who also lends backing vocals.

In comparison to previous years’ releases, All I See Is War has a little more power behind its punch, in a way that feels very fitting in today’s overly compressed, play-it-safe musical climate. This one will leave your ears ringing just like the old days. It has all the conviction of their first album with two decades of growth and maturity behind it. 

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