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Bunny Colby FKA as Nadya Nabakova

We certainly hear the words transition, reinvention, and rebranding a lot these days. Whether they are used legitimately or being rushed through a twitter feed for the latest cause célèbre, it seems in an ever-changing culture, things are ever-changing. Whether we grow bored easier in the modern world because of constant Instagramming or if indeed there is just that much new and cool stuff coming at us all the time, the fact of the matter is that everybody, no matter their business or ‘influencer’ potential, is always thinking of new ways to do what they do.

Who would have thought this cultural paradigm would trickle down into the porn world…but it does. And it did most recently with two ladies I happened to talk to, Nadya Nabakova (known now as Bunny Colby) and Lindsey Leigh. In Nadya’s case (forever forward here known as Bunny), the honey-maned young adult star was a year into her porn career when she decided she needed a name change. Lindsey Leigh didn’t go that route, but she is ‘delivering’ herself in a whole new way. As far as I am concerned, both ladies are transitioning, reinventing, rebranding, changing, choose the word that best works for you. And whatever you call what they are into presently, it is damn interesting.

In Nadya’s case, she says she could have easily continued under her previous stage name, but she just wanted to “move on” from the first year in the adult market…plus, switching her Eastern European name seems more comfortable for folks to pronounce. Self-booking now as well, Bunny has just opened her new Pornhub account and just completed two new scenes for Girlfiends Films. In her first year in the business Bunny as Nadya worked with Vixen, Cherry Pimps, Teen Fidelity, and Kink.com, and as far as she is concerned, 2019 will see her working with even more.

Lindsey Leigh

For Lindsey, her significant change was plucking herself out of the fetish work she was known for–working with Scissor Vixxxens, Humiliation POV, Spectrum Wrestling, to name a few–and going into nude cam. As she tells it, showing herself off nude now emboldens her spirit and raises her confidence, but the lady reveals that frankly, she had some trepidation if her fan base would take to her stripping off her usual femdom pursuits for showing all of herself; Lindsey’s fans seem to be even happier at the change. She won’t stop her fetish work altogether, which included CBT, cuckolding and foot worship (among other kinky pursuits) but will expand her horizons and her fan base by creating custom clips in both femdom work and her solo female explorations.

Indeed, as Bunny admits, it is not hard to find somebody these days across the web, be they a porn star going by a new name or a lady showing herself nude on cam where she might have just given a spanking before. Bunny and Lindsey are fully aware of the reinvention, the restructuring, the changes they have made and will come to make in their career, and will act accordingly; these are smart business women after all, on top of the latest social media marketplace and seeing well where adult work is heading for them specifically.

Check out Lindsey Leigh and Bunny Colby below.

Lindsey Leigh’s portals:




Members- LindseyLeighVip.com

Clips4Sale- FindomFetish.com

Bunny Colby’s portals:

Instagram at @bunnycolby.

MyFreeCams: https://profiles.myfreecams.com/bunnycolby. https://onlyfans.com/bunnycolby,

Premium Snapchat: https://fancentro.com/bunnycolby, and https://www.pornhub.com/pornstar/bunny-colby.

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