Book Review: History of Sexual Punishment in Pictures

From wall carvings in ancient Greece, to publishers in the 16th and 17th century placing naughty sketches with ‘academic’ text, to Victorian Daguerreotypes and the wealth of pictures made in the early 20th century to our modern digital, there’s so much to be enjoyed of the visual account of smut. If you are old enough you might remember a time when NYC’s 42nd Street was the denizen of actual movie theaters that actually showed ‘dirty movies,’ or maybe you collected video tapes or maybe later DVD’s of the stuff you liked to watch, over and over again. We might flip to Clips4Sale presently to enjoy our ill-gotten booty of stuff about the booty (I know, you have never managed your curser across that site so you don’t know what I’m talking about) or enjoy some naughty picture forwarded to our smart phone. But I assure you, pornography didn’t start with Redtube or even in those dark and dingy (and sticky floor) movie theaters of long ago.

Our friends at Goliath Books, that great German publisher of photographic naughtiness, present a new visual treat of specific porn with their new History of Sexual Punishment in Pictures. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, still what we have here is some 270 pictures (240 of those images monochrome, that’s how old some of them are) plus text in German and English about sexual pleasure derived from flagellation of one sort or another.

I mentioned images from Greece, and the book here begins with something from there, circa 450 BC, as well as newer pics all the way up to now, taken from Goliath’s Kinky Bondage Obsession tome. Mostly it is female bottoms getting their bottoms attended to, from, in many cases, other females (a sure hetero male interest to be sure) but there is plenty to feast your eyes over of women taking men to task and even some male on male action.

Whatever your interest in this particular pornography or anything you wish to learn, you can pretty much find it across chapters titled: Corporal Punishment and Religion, Girl Spanks Girl – Male Fantasies, and Gay Role-Play. Goliath delves deep into the kink here and with plenty of these hot pictures alongside the explanations and explorations of the action, really you can’t lose with History of Sexual Punishment in Pictures.

Find the History of Sexual Punishment in Pictures here: goliathbooks.com/shop/sexual-punishment

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