Vinho Verde Wine Festival @ Second Floor

All photos by Christine Thelen

Last Saturday, many people attended the third Vinho Verde Wine Experience in New York. This year, the event took place at Second Floor, in Midtown.

Demarcated in 1908, the Vinho Verde is the largest wine region in Portugal and among the largest one in all of Europe, but it is still relatively unknown to many. Although “verde” means green, it is not a green wine. Rather, it is a young wine, released 3-6 months after harvest. The granitic soil and cool and rainy climate both influence how easily grapes are grown and the variety that is produced. Indigenous grapes originating from Portugal include Alvarinho, Loureiro, Espadeiro, and Avesso. Most Vinho Verde wines are white, but you can find all colors of wine. The wines are light bodied (lower alcohol) and crisp (good acidity), so they go well with many foods, including vegetables, salads, fish, shellfish, white meats, pastas, risottos, international cuisines, and more.

Attendees to the event could purchase a ticket for a two-hour experience during any of the three sessions, or they could purchase a VIP ticket to attend for three hours. Besides the delicious and ever-flowing wine from over 30 wineries from the Vinho Verde region, people could also enjoy cocktails made by mixologists at the bar, as well as use food tickets to sample four delicious food items. Silly Chilly Dumplings offered chicken, pork, potato or vegetable dumplings. The venue’s own kitchen (SECOND) offered a ceviche appetizer. Bread & Spread offered delicious sliders. Finally, My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream offered several types of tasty desserts.

The event was well-attended and got crowded quickly. The large and light-filled space allowed people to move about freely, and the DJ created a fun and dynamic atmosphere for all of us. My friend and I were most impressed by the drier Alvarinho wines, two of which I photographed for our Instagram. It was a very lively atmosphere, perfect for the time of year, and the wine satisfied the desire for a cool, light, and refreshing beverage. It was my second time going, and although I initially lamented the change of space from the location the year before, I soon came to appreciate how beautiful Second Floor truly is. It’s a space that gets more and more beautiful after some delicious wine.



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