Four Holiday Destinations you Must Visit


If you’re tired of the pressure at work, the traffic on roads, and the boredom at home, then it’s time for you to take a well-deserved holiday.

But where do you go? There are so many places to visit, home and abroad, and you don’t know enough to make the right decision. Some have majestic mountains for highlights while others flaunt their stunning seas, and yet others pride themselves in their magnificent architecture. 

The time of indecision is over. Here are 4 of the best holiday destinations in the world.

Las Vegas, USA

Let’s get the obvious attractions out of the way — the casinos. You may wonder what’s so special about the casinos in Las Vegas that you can’t get on a Live Casino website at home; you don’t even get casino bonuses in a land-based one. But the brick-and-mortar casino is a completely different experience: the bustle of classy crowds, the bells and whistles of slot machines, and the bragging rights that accompany winning at a real casino table. You can check out world-famous casinos like Bellagio Fountains, MGM Grand, and Grand Canyon.

Other must-try things in Las Vegas are the pool parties. Vegas has one of the best night lives in the world where you’ll easily find pool parties ranging from fun all the way to crazy. If you’re going with your buddies, then don’t forget to go gaming and club-hopping all night.

Marseille, France

If you’re planning on holidaying with your loved one, then the best place you could ever ask for is France. Marseille is a port city in France that is filled to its brim with cultural heritage. The port has been in action for over 2,600 years and each piece of its architecture exudes a unique story.

You can go kayaking in Old Port, explore Fort Saint-Jean, and hike at Calanque de Morgiou. Make sure to visit this beautiful city in July when the climate is endearingly pleasant.

Koh Samui, Thailand

There are a lot of spots to visit in Thailand, but Koh Samui is arguably the best one. You can spend your holiday on beautiful beaches like Wat Phra Yai, Hin Ta Hin Yai, and Chaweng Beach. The best time to visit Thailand is between March to June, but make sure not to miss the Full Moon Party. Partygoers from all over the world flock here to dance on the glistening beach all night.

Apart from the beach party, you can also try thrilling water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea kayaking. And once you’re exhausted from all the fun, treat your body to a relaxing spa therapy.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler is nestled in the snowy mountains and lush forests of Canada. Add unique experiences to your list of accomplishments when you explore the hiking trails, go on a bear tour, and walk along beautiful lakes; visiting Whistler is like exploring all of Canada at once. 

You can check out the town’s vibrant culture in its art museums and cultural centers. Other highlights of Whistler include Whistler Blackcomb, Alexander Falls, Whistler Olympic Park, and the Garibaldi Provincial Park.

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