Eddy Yang: American Glory


Eddy Yang
American Glory
(Eddy Yang)

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You have to give Eddy Yang his due. He managed all the writing, recording, production, mixing, mastering, and even produced the album artwork of his American Glory. The loosely strummed electric of “On Our Way (Into the Night)” opens us into Eddy’s singular vision of the “…2010s, when racial tensions, gun violence, and political uncertainty threatened to tear America apart,” as the press for this twelve-song album attests.

“Chasing Something,” has profound lyrics, obviously mining some of this Asian-American indie rock-and-roller’s truest feelings.

“Rock N Roll Legends,” moves along maybe better than the first four that preceded it. It’s got a cool key backing, and there is a fine lead here; again, Eddy manages to give us a chorus that we can sing to.

“Revolutionaries” then “Renegades” follows, the first sporting a tight, snappy drum machine beat, over-driven guitar, and punk-like vocals (good guitar here too), the second mines the same heavy simple vibe. “Renegades” is even more Ramones-like with real biting lyrics.

A low-bowed keyboard string sound and low single bass note float under the vocals of “Into the Night Again.” I’m not so sure Eddy’s vocals are up to the task, and the song really doesn’t introduce much else except a few haunting single-note synths at the end of it. The title track ends the dozen. It’s a mid-tempo plodder that has the potential of an anthem and presents Eddy’s best vocals and his most layered production of all the tunes on American Glory.

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