Anti-Flag: 20/20 Vision


20/20 Vision
(Spinefarm Records UK)

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“The same masters who made us their fucking  slaves are now our saviors…so sick of needing to be saved,” screams vocalist Justin Sane on the opening track of 20/20 Vision, “Hate Conquers All.” A fist-raising anthem for the, well, state of things today, it’s a blistering start to an album we all need right now. Even so, the political is balanced nicely with the pop, with catchy singalong choruses on “It Went Off Like A Bomb” and “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down.” 

While a band like Anti-Flag has been speaking up all along, we’re in an era of history which gives them a bigger platform than ever, and their vision is inspiring and uplifting despite the unabashed rage behind many of their songs. “Unbreakable” galvanizes with its rock n’ roll guitar riff and its message to “never let them back you against the wall.” The title track is almost sweetly idealistic with a strong anti-hate message, yet it still asks us the important questions:  “When will this come to an end?” and “Which side are you on?” Beyond the emotional impact, the production of 20/20 Vision is simply rock-solid. They’ve even got horns, on the album’s closing track, “Resistance Frequencies.” 

True to their scene, Anti-Flag gives us something to believe in, no matter how pissed off or hopeless you feel, while still making a scathing commentary on the political situation in the United States. If you’re torn lately between wanting to smash things and just wanting to slam-dance in a sweat-filled mosh pit with your friends, 20/20 Vision is for you. 

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